Brooks Newmark gives keynote address launching John Bramston School's bid for specialist status as a Business and Enterprise Col

27th January 2006

Brooks Newmark today gave the keynote address at John Bramston School to launch its bid to achieve specialist status as a specialist Business and Enterprise College.

Business and Enterprise Colleges use their specialist status to raise standards of achievement and the quality of learning for all their students.

The school will offer a wide choice of business related subjects and vocational courses which will focus on maths, ICT and economics. The creation of strong ties to local business and will also be an integral part of the bid.

Brooks said, "I am delighted that John Bramston School is aiming to achieve specialist status from the Government.

Before I became a Member of Parliament I was a businessman so I am particularly pleased by two aspects of this bid.

The first point is that the school's chosen specialism is 'Business and Enterprise'. I believe that it is vital to focus on the skills that employers need from school leavers.

The second point is that the bid will involve our local business community and develop links between this school and potential employers.

The Friends of John Bramston School have already succeeded in raising a significant sum of money and I hope that the school's target of

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