Brooks Newmark welcomes Government actions on women in work

19th November 2013

Brooks Newmark MP backs the Government’s record on women in work as he recognises the benefits to women of recent Government Policy. Brooks also commented on the fact that there are more women in work than ever before.

Mr Brooks Newmark (Braintree) (Con): It is also worth noting that it is this Government who have taken 2.5 million people out of tax entirely, including many women.

Nicky Morgan: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. The increase in the personal tax threshold meant that 57% of those who benefited and who were taken out of tax were women. That is 145,000 women who are no longer paying income tax. That money is staying in their households and they are able to spend it on themselves and their families, which should be welcomed.

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Mr Newmark: I know that the hon. Lady does not like to hear facts, but the fact is that today this Government have delivered more jobs for women than ever before in history and certainly more than under 13 years of Labour. More women are in work today than ever before.

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Mr Newmark: As a member of the Free Enterprise Group, I want to put it on record that I oppose the suggestion that was made by one individual in that group. We should not impose VAT on children’s clothing and food, in particular, as that would be regressive and punitive. It was not said by the Free Enterprise Group but by one individual in that group, and I certainly oppose it.

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