In 2005, Brooks was one of the founders and Co-Chairman of Women2Win. Women2Win is a broad cross section of men and women from the Conservative Party who came together in recognition that the Party needed to be more representative of the British people. The W2W mission is to ensure the Conservative Party fairly represents women at all levels of politics.

In 2005 there were just 17 Conservative women MPs, representing only 9% of the parliamentary party. In 2015, after ten years and two elections there were 68 Conservative women MPs, which is over 20%. Women2Win aims to continue increasing the number of Conservative women MPs by providing support, advice and training to women who wish to enter Parliament or get more involved in politics. We also assist high calibre women seeking public appointments or positions as Councillors, Association Chairs and Police and Crime Commissioners.

Million Jobs Campaign

The Million Jobs Campaign was established to address the problem of youth unemployment, and our manifesto sets out five key policies that will help young people across Britain move into jobs:

  1. Get rid of employer National Insurance Contributions for unemployed under 25s.
  2. Make sure school pupils know all about apprenticeships.
  3. Get rid of rules that stop employers from giving honest feedback.
  4. Encourage more companies to take on a young person.
  5. Help every young person to find a mentor.

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Seed EIS

GrowthInvest: Government supporter of the SEIS scheme, Brooks Newmark MP makes his first SEIS Investment with Seed EIS Platform. | click here

Manchester Evening News: Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme launched to spur on entrepreneurs | click here

Brooks Newmark highlights the role played by the seed investment scheme in stimulating investment by angel investors for start-ups and creating new private sector jobs. | click here

Brooks Newmark welcomes the Government’s seed enterprise investment scheme which will encourage angel investors to back entrepreneurs and stimulate private sector job growth. | click here


Brooks chaired a report on homelessness in the UK with Crisis and the Centre for Social Justice. Download the report: "Housing First - Housing Led Solutions to Rough Sleeping and Homelessness" by clicking on the image below.

Housing First Report

2001 General Election

2005 General Election

Westminster ReportWestminster Report

Westminster ReportWestminster Report

2010 General Election

Election 2010Brooks Newmark Election Address 2010



CSJ Homelessness Report

Download the Centre for Social Justice Report on addressing the blight of homelessness: "Housing First - Housing Led Solutions to Rough Sleeping and Homelessness" by clicking on the image below.

Housing First Report

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Centre for Social Justice